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Painless de-matting for your dogs in Paisley

At The Grooming Room, we provide a wonderful experience and effective grooming services such as microchipping and dog haircuts for your furry pals.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How long does the appointment take?
A. Most grooming sessions take around 2 hours but this is dependent on size, breed, coat condition and the individual dog and how tolerant they are of the whole grooming procedure.

Q. My dog is nervous and does not tolerate aspects of the grooming procedure, would I be able to stay with him to keep him calm?
A. Any nervous dog that comes to The Grooming Room for the first time is introduced to the experience slowly and calmly. Usually, the dog calms down relatively quickly after the owner has left but if you are particularly anxious about his experience we are happy to let you stay for your own peace of mind. Make the groomer aware of your requirements when booking your appointment so we can arrange a time that is suitable for this.

 Q. Do you muzzle the dogs?
A. No. In our experience muzzling an anxious dog only increases their anxiety. At The Grooming Room, we prefer to build the dogs' confidence and trust so he does not feel the need to lash out or nip.

 Q. My dog may be in season, can she still be groomed?
A. Yes. The dogs that come to The Grooming Room do not interact with one another and so a dog in season is perfectly safe.

Q. Do you use cages?
A. Yes. This is the safest place for any dogs waiting to start their grooming session or waiting for their owner to collect them when they are finished and it is also in compliance with The Pet Care Trust animal welfare regulations. Our appointment system, however, means that we are ready to start the grooming session when the dog arrives and you are given time to return or will receive a courtesy call to say when your dog will be ready, so you arrive to collect your dog just as he finishes his session.

 Q. My dog may have fleas, can he still be groomed?
A. No. If you suspect that your dog may have fleas you should re-schedule your appointment and seek vet treatment as we do not want to risk passing any fleas onto other dogs being groomed. Do not forget to treat the soft furnishings of your house (and car) as well as your dog to prevent a recurrence. We advise that the dog is treated with an appropriate product from your vet regularly through the summer months, though, as prevention is better - and cheaper - than cure.

 Q. Do you use hand-stripping?
A. Yes. We are fully trained in hand-stripping a wide variety of breeds from Border Terriers to Cocker Spaniels. We will be happy to advise on the best grooming option for your individual preferences.

Q. My dog has a medicated shampoo, can this be used when he comes for his appointment?
A. Yes, simply bring his shampoo with you. Don’t worry too much if you forget though as our own shampoos are made with natural ingredients and are suitable for sensitive skin.

 Q. How much does it cost for my dog to be groomed?
A. Prices are dependent on breed, coat condition etc. but the most common breeds such as Lhasas, Cockers, and Bichons cost approx. £37. Ask for a specific price for your dog when you book your appointment or chat to the groomer when you arrive. If you have more than one dog you can take advantage of our Multi-dog discount if they are booked in together – just ask for more details when you call. Please be aware that some quotes given may change if extra work is required e.g. de-matting, however, you will always be notified before we go ahead with any changes.

Bring in your beloved pet for a refreshing de-matting session at The Grooming Room in Paisley. Call to book an appointment on 
01505 337 007

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